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We have developed a unique range of blended-learning tools that make sepsis training more engaging and effective.

  • Sepsis Game: a board game for group learning with a supporting digital Sepsis Quiz
  • Sepsis Challenge is a brand-new online game-based educational app

These resources help staff and students to recognise the signs of sepsis and gives them the confidence to respond quickly and effectively.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection becomes uncontrolled and injures its own tissues and organs. Sepsis can lead to shock, multiple organ failure and death if it is not recognised early and treated effectively. Fixing sepsis is a multi-disciplinary responsibility because sepsis crosses boundaries. Relevant and effective staff training is essential.

These educational resources are evidence-based and were developed in partnership with NHS England, Health Education England, e-Learning for Healthcare and the UK Sepsis Trust.

The Sepsis Game


The box contains everything you need to run a successful training session. Each game contains a pack of scenario cards designed to stimulate discussions that raise awareness and improve care delivery skills. The scenarios and questions vary in complexity which allows you to structure games that meet the needs of each group. Just pop it in your bag for team meetings, study days, workshops, lunch meetings and events.

How to play

    The game is designed for between 2 and 12 players divided into two competing teams. It takes around 45 minutes to play and can be used in any care setting; all you need is a table and some chairs. The rules are very simple and the facilitator doesn’t need sepsis expertise. The game is essentially self-regulating and the facilitator can take a passive role in the game.

Face-to-face and online versions available

Board game for face-to-face learning.

Traditional tabletop game for groups working face-to-face. Encourages collaborative team discussions.

Generates fun and enthusiasm with a serious purpose and clear outcomes.

Online for socially distanced learning.

Digital board game replicates the intensity of face-to-face on Zoom, Skype & Teams.

Can be used for remote learning or socially distanced face-to-face sessions. Just share your screen with the group, wherever they are.

Digital Game

Online Game, click here to go to The Sepsis Game website

We've created a simplified digital version of the game. It works on any device through a web browser and it's free to use. It only takes a few minutes to play. Why not try it now?

Play Now

Topics covered in the game include:

  • Prevalence and impact of sepsis
  • Causes of sepsis
  • Recognising sepsis
  • Treatment (including Sepsis Six)
  • What to do when sepsis is suspected

What's in the box?


Games make face-to-face training more engaging and effective.

Games encourage people to talk and learn from each other.

Games can be used anywhere, by anyone with no external support.

Games = a workshop in a box.

Price of the sepsis game:
£60.00 EXC Vat

  2 - 12 players
   45-60 minutes of play
   No facilitator required

How the Sepsis game works

The game is very flexible and meets the needs of a modern organisation. It is in effect a ‘pop-up workshop’ that can be used anywhere at any time. The game can be used as an informal activity in the workplace, or as part of more structured training and workshops.

Team take turns to move their counters around the board by answering questions correctly. The first team to get to the end wins the game or if the time runs out whoever is closest to the end is the winner. The discussions that the teams have between themselves are what make the game effective.

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